And We Cross Over Live To The Latest Riot Round-Up

I see the eighties revival continues apace on the streets of London tonight.

Of course it’s only a test event for the 2012 Olympics but the lads are showing glimpses of the sort of form we can expect to see then.

A man with scarf covering his face carrying a can of Carlsberg Special Brew walking past a burning car
The London Riots, brought to you in association with Carlsberg

Prayforlondon is trending. That should solve it.. shortly.. soon.. any moment now.. miracles take a little longer it seems.

I hope those rioting realise the inconvenience this will cause us who argue against stereotyping sections of society.

More Economics woe! Flood of London riots looted goods onto black market causing prices to plummet putting full time thieves out of work.

I know folks in the regions are doing their best but I can’t help but feel that the riots have jumped the shark.