A Piano Fell On My Head

Gee Mr Tracy with Mr Unlucky the B-side to 1986’s Lava Man single. The video is from archive.org and is a workplace educational film Down And Out made in 1971. Not so much Mr. Unlucky as Mr. Incompetent but it’s as close as I could get.

Gee Mr Tracy – Mr Unlucky (1986)

Norwich based synth twosome treading the boards in the City’s pubs and venues during the mid – 80’s. comprised of Tom ‘Brick’ Smith on spoken vocals and (now London-based TV correspondent) Vince Rogers.

Tom, invariably suited, with a drink never far from hand, slurred and shouted through his wonderful repertoire of verse (You make my house shine…Where the biscuit tins are never empty…) aided by Vince’s ham-fisted, two-fingered (!) mono riffs. Live, they were cool and shambolic, with a beefy, swinging drum machine to shake up the rafters and were well deserving of their not inconsiderable band of followers.

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