It’s All About The Timing

umpf included with promotional copies of the first Crocodile Ride single.
Crocodile Ride – Weren’t There

An enterprising chap we knew from gigs in Brighton decided to put on a concert with us and Crocodile Ride at a Leisure Centre in Seaford on the Sussex coast. This seemed a little optimistic, the more so when the other better known band dropped out, and the more more so when we turned up and saw the size of the place. But the final straw in the coffin was having it on Guy Fawkes Night in the heart of Bonfire Society country.

The few folks who turned up seemed to enjoy it and we even sold some singles, the money for which we gave to the organizer, Pop Kid, for it was he. Ben reminds me that we also paid him for the beer he’d laid on which only seems fair. It’s one gig that was neither recorded or videoed which is a shame as we played a lot of stuff that we usually didn’t have the time to do.