The Brilliant Corners – Brighton

First Day Of The Tour

Back to The Richmond in Brighton in June of 1989.

The Brilliant Corners – Delilah Sands

These indie stalwarts from Bristol who transitioned to a dancier sound as the 80s drew to a close are well documented on their own website and wikipedia.

There is a review of them at the Richmond on their site which may have been this gig but it’s written in the classic style of music journalism where the author is more concerned with a predetermined point they want to make than the events of the evening.. The County Times reviewer on the other hand had to get a lift home a couple of songs into the set so aren’t a lot of help either.

The Gits (UK) – Medley (Richmond Brighton 1990) [BBQ]

From a Gits perspective I remember that Matt had spent some time on a joke with the punch line ‘takes brilliant corners!’ but Jim gave it a miss and this was the first gig we played Mother Knows How of which we had high hopes but was met with resounding indifference. On the other hand Happily Mad which was horribly out of tune in places went down quite well. Nought as queer as folk.

Back to the County Times,

It seemed apparent by half way through that the band realised the audience were mostly extras from Dawn of the Dead and had decided they would just play for themselves

Which is wrong as although we may have generally been a shambles we always put in the effort to play for everyone, whether they wanted it or not. To be fair we did probably did too many new songs.

I would suggest looking at the video evidence but Chris who recorded it forgot to charge his batteries so was stuck at the side of the stage and didn’t think to pan round at any point to prove there was anyone else in the venue. There seems to be a certain amount of noise between songs though.

Photograph of the band The RainAlso due to play that night were Basingstoke’s The Rain, later Clark Springs, but a car crash put paid to that.

According to Wikipedia The Melody Maker described their debut album of that year, The Citadal, as ‘glorious, honed to cut-glass perfection’ and comparisons were made to the Byrds and REM, but as for their live abilities I shall forever remain in the dark.

The Rain – First Of May

In Richmond News…

Forthcoming Events include:
20th June – McCarthy & Bobby Scarlet
25th June – Mega City 4 & Senseless Things